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We are already working with most of India’s leading companies. We are investing billions of dollars in a world-class network in India and across the globe. We have over 50,000 employees dedicated to supporting our clients.
We understand that every need is a special need. We bring to you relevant data, IT and telecom solutions through alliances with the best and largest companies.
With Airtel on you side, now you can benefit from a one stop shop to help build efficiency and scale for your business.
Businesses need to invest in resources in multimodal communication environment to offer seamless customer experience. Our Voice solutions help you communicate and collaborate within and beyond your organization, helping you meet the demands of growth.
Voice solutions portfolio
Mobility Solutions
Corporate Ring Back Tone
Digital Fixed cellular terminal
Fixed line and Broadband
ISDN Direct exchange line (DEL)
Unique directory number service
Toll Free services
Managed ISD
  Enterprise value added services
Mobile Data and Applications
BlackBerry Connect
Data cards
Easy Mail
Windows Mobile
Applications on device
Enterprise business solutions
GPRS Based Solutions
Vehicle tracking solution
GPRS access solution
Automatic meter reading solution
SMS based solutions
Interactive SMS
Bulk SMS Inbound call centre solution
Other SMS solutions
Meet face to face virtually. With our Conferencing services, you will no more be constrained by geographies or time zones. Now you can stay connected with your colleagues and business partners without even being there.
Conferencing services portfolio
Audio conference service
Video conference service
Our portfolio of Data and IP solutions helps you do business at ease. From keeping your mission critical applications running to managing the flow of information across the globe, our comprehensive suite of data technologies and infrastructure support does it all for you.
Data and IP solutions portfolio
Internet access
Enterprise Internet
Premium Enterprise Internet
Managed Internet Service
IDC Internet
Multi-homing Internet Service
Satellite services
Global satellite service
Domestic satellite service
Managed Network Solutions
MPLS – Layer 2, Layer 3
Managed private leased line
Multicast service
Managed MPLS
  Data Transport Solution
International Private Line
Domestic Private Line
International Ethernet Service
Domestic Ethernet Service
ATM Service
Access Services
Terrestrial access
Collaborative Services
Sales force automation
Call centre solution
Lottery solution
Vehicle tracking solution
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